I wanted to share the ways the Lord has blessed us recently. 1st Hubby was given a raise at work. We’ve waited, (not very patiently) for 3 years for this raise, as they put a freeze on everyone when the economy slowed down. And they took the freeze off, so he will get another one is 6 months and so on.

2cdly we were given a car. We have 2 cars, one for our family to all fit into and the other a bless-ed pile of junk that has kept up the fight this last 2 years as it has barely gotten Hubby back and forth to work. But THANKFULLY it HAS gotten him back and forth most of the time so I wasn’t left with nothing to get the kids to school and such.

The car is a 97 Ford contour. It’s a 4 cylinder which I am incredibly thankful for as Hubby works in the next town over. And I can take it on my little excursion to Ohio next week and get great gas mileage. And….it’s a stick shift! I haven’t driven a stick shift in years! I had so much fun with it the night they brought it over. My friend T would take us into the K-Mart parking lot and teach us to drive stick, she was the oldest of our little group of friends. And my parents had a stick shift when I was growing up and then my 1st 2 cars were sticks. I was happy to have automatics when the kids were babies as it’s hard to maneuver a baby bottle or binky while driving anything, much less a stick shift.

thank you for letting me share these things with you, I’m off to get the car insured and run a few errands!


~ by doulangel on June 18, 2007.

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