I’ve been at a loss as to what to post lately. But I knew if I got started it would come to me. The other evening we had the most lovely night. It had been a long day with an open house for Hubby’s Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. 60 years! Can you imagine? And they are still sweet on each other. Then on to an open house for a friends son’s high school graduation. That one was more enjoyable as they have a small farm and so the kids got to pet kittens, feed the horses and chase chickens around. Then it was off to our own home for a cook out with the neighbors and their son. The weather was perfect, although it got down right cold as the sun was setting. Cold! In June! It was so nice to just sit out on the lawn while the kids played and chat.

I did almost have heart failure at one point though. We gave their son a little bike our 6yo outgrew and they gave us a bike that their older daughter had outgrown for 4yo. The thing is, it’s big enough for our 7yo to ride! But b/c this is 4yo that we’re talking about she is just stubborn enough to ride it. We actually found training wheels for it, but she can just barely make her feet reach the peddles to move it, she tipped a couple of times and I had to put my heart back where it belongs. I finally had to just turn my chair so I couldn’t see her.

the doula chronicles…..

I had a good couple of nights of homework this week. The one night I got in about 4 hrs, last night not so much. But I completed a unit and now have the end summary task to complete. I have to research the concerns of caregivers and try to understand their perspective regarding using an IV or heplock to keep women hydrated during labor. I didn’t even know what a heplock was. I did, but around here they are called shunts. So, it took me awhile to figure out if what I had in my head was what they were talking about. I am supposed to research sites that aren’t from the U.S. as well, b/c it’s not common practice in other countries. Then after I’m done I have to write an evidence based paper on whether or not this routine procedure is a good or bad thing. Should be interesting. But I didn’t get very far last night.

and on to the ball field…

T-ball has started and we have a great coach! (big-big smile here!!) He has a young daughter on the team and is very patient and polite. 6yo is enjoying himself, especially since he played last year, b/c now he has a little more confidence and isn’t the youngest kid on the team. But this means we have a game every Monday and practice every Thursday. So those are 2 less homework nights. B/c unlike soccer, practice is in the middle of the evening, and so are the games. And the library in town is only open till 8 oclock, so it’s not like I can just go there and work for very long. If only I had like wireless internet and a laptop, I could go just about anywhere!!


I have freckles, or sprinkles as 6yo has always called them. I have them all over my face, arms, shoulders, anywhere the sun touches they come out. 6yo has them politely sprikled across his little nose and cheeks, he is also the one who has some red in his hair. So far, 4yo is free of them and I thought 7yo would be as well. He is a toe-head and his skin gets brown in the summer. But the other night as we are getting ready for church I kept sending him to get the dirt off his nose until I took a closer look, he has 4 little, tiny freckles on his nose! I don’t know why I am ammused by this , but I am. He is the last one of them I would have expected to get any.

hope you’re all enjoying your summer;)


~ by doulangel on June 14, 2007.

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