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Well, I had a great night of homework tonight, one that I am still working on in an open book test to do after the kiddos are all in bed. I am in the section on routine medical procedures. So far very interesting, but I had no idea what a big controversy being able to eat and drink in labor really was. I knew that typically in active management settings, such as most hospitals, they don’t give you anything but ice chips. And that in homebirths and birthing centers you are able to eat and drink as you feel you need it. I guess I just hadn’t thought about how important it was.

What struck me was how it said the womb is a muscle like any other, it needs nourishment to make it through. Labor is a very physically draining activity. So what can happen is you get dehydrated and your contractions slow or stop and so does your labor. So they hook you up to some type of labor inducer, “to get things going again,” such as pitocin, in an IV. Now you’re stuck on your back in bed and unable to move around. You’re having rough contractions, but still haven’t dilated enough so after hours of this they will break your water. And sense you are in a hospital and they have a schedule to keep (although you may not know it) and your water has been broken for a while, now they’re going to have to do a c-section. And one medical intervention lead to another. Wow, you’d think it was such a simple common sense thing, just let a woman have a drink already!

Then it also said how if you are hooked up to an IV getting glucose water, that can cause hypoglycemia, (low blood sugar) in the baby after birth.

I know, there is a little more to think about here, but that is the basics of it.

#2 had a great birthday party. He had friends and family there. Got alot of the gifts that he wanted and we took him to the park that he wanted. It’s a little island in the middle of the St. Joseph river that flows through our town. Hence the name Island Park! It has none of the cool new playground equipment that the bigger parks in town have, but the kids love going down there. Thank you for all of your birthday and birthing day wishes:) Oh, and btw- I bought Michael Buble’s It’s Time CD. And I luv it!


~ by doulangel on June 7, 2007.

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