a birthing story…..warning-graphic pics….

On Friday, June 1st, my 5yo will turn 6. I am happy for him, turning six is a big deal you know? His birth was basically a good one. It could have been better, but was MUCH better than his older brothers. It was a scheduled c-section. I knew none of what I know and love about birth now. I’m not condeming anyone who has c-sections, I’ve had 3 of them. I sometimes feel like I would really like to experience the magic of a vaginal birth. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have tried for a v-bac. All was well though, he was a completely healthy 8lb, 11 ozer. He was actually my smallest too.

I know I’m taking a huge leep in showing you all some pictures. But here you go! This is me, 8 months pregnant:

Yes, I said 8 months. I always thought that b/c I was not a small woman to begin with I wouldn’t really show, but I carried my babies straight out in front of me. I’m not showing you how big I was at the end, although I think every pregnant belly is gorgeous….. I know, I look like a big dork there with wet hair and all…..oh, and that couch!…it was funny, sometimes I would get up in the morning and Hubby would look at me and say “wow! you look like you’ve grown overnight!” ….gosh, I never thought I’d say this again, but sometimes I miss being pregnant…..

These are a couple of pics that Hubby took while they were taking him out, I think he got some great shots…..

I have one where they had just pulled his head out, but I didn’t think some of you could handle it;)……

I read this great article at this midwifery blog that I visit. It was about this Dr. who has been challenging the traditional way of doing c-sections. Where every thing is very quick. It’s a much more gentle surgery. He 1st pulls the head out and lets mom and baby greet each other. And the mother get’s to watch the whole thing. Then he births the rest of the baby. But the mother isn’t strapped down with a tent covering everything and not allowing her to see anything. Having your arms strapped down is very degrading.

Anyhoo, here is me and Baby #2 after the birth. He’s a little yellow, he was my only baby with jaundice. He had a perfectly round c-section head:) Thanx for letting me share this with you…..

I think I’ve decided for my birthing day treat to buy a Michael Buble CD. 😀 Or Maybe HCJ’s new one, maybe I should see which one is cheaper lol!

~ by doulangel on May 30, 2007.

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