umm, oh dear….

I have confessed to you all in my profile, that I do luv country music. However, I am very careful about what I listen to. I don’t like all of it, and I am quick to change the channel when the kids are in the car with me. Today as we are leaving the chiropractor my mind was not on the music. I was thinking “are they all buckled? what is the traffic going to be like? I wonder what time it is…” Just as I hear the song, one of the boys asks, “why do they say that mom?” Then I hear it, “everything gets hotter when the sun goes down….” Trying to come up with a quick response, I say, “I think they were talking about something else…” to which 7yo replies “yah, sex.”

“SEX!?” I say, then quiet myself, don’t want him to see my response as anything but normal, everyday conversation. “what do you know about sex?”

“I heard that word on the news. They said that there were some people having sex and doing bad things and they got in trouble for it.”

My heart rate slows. “Oh, is that all?” I let it drop. Although I want to interrogate him more, I don’t want to do it with the other 2 sets of ears in the car.

I question him latter and he tells me the same thing. But still, I think, how did he put “the word” sex, with that song? Maybe in the news story it was dark, I don’t know. And where was I while he was watching a news story about sex!? Are we really this close to having more conversations on this subject? Can’t they just wait a little while longer??? I don’t think I’m ready for this……


~ by doulangel on May 25, 2007.

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