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I don’t have much to report, but a little. I am actually very discouraged with my progress. So, to encourage myself, I decided to take a smaller step. I have to read 3 books from their list, one of them is one that I just bought, Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth. I have already read 2, so this is my last one. I’m almost half way through it and am LOVING it. It is so great, I have never read so many positive birth stories, all we ever hear about are the “war stories.” And she writes in such an easy manner. She is totally making me believe, if I hadn’t already, that birth is completely normal. It doesn’t have to be hard or horrible. I know, you may be thinking “as a doula shouldn’t you already have thought that?” And I did, but I guess what this book is doing for me since I don’t have much experience under my belt, is allowing me to see all the things I’m being taught put into practice. Half of the book is birth stories. In alot of these stories the midwives are using techniques and doing things that I have only read about. Then I get to hear about the outcomes too from the moms who wrote their stories out. It is a very inspirational book, and when I’m done it will be something I can check off as accomplished! And that will make me feel like I am one step closer to finishing:)


~ by doulangel on May 17, 2007.

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