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4 year olds…..

Maybe I should title it 4 year old girls…I don’t know, but I don’t remember my boys being this difficult.

As some of you know, #3 is our 4 yo. She is proving herself very, uh, shall we say, challenging.? That’s putting it nicely. Not so nicely? She’s a pain in my butt and driving me mad!!

Here are a couple examples of the drama she brings to my life:

The other day we were sitting at a drive through window of the bank. She is in her booster seat next to me, whinning. What is she whinning about you ask? Spit. Yes, you read that correctly, spit. She is now angry that she “always have spit in my mouth!” “I want it to go away!” I am incredulous next to her, I just stare at her for a minute, unbelieving that this is actually happening. I try to explain to her that everyone has spit and we need it to keep our mouths wet. Doesn’t help, she proceeds to crying and I then loose my patience and tell her I could happily give her a better reason to cry!

A few weeks ago I am in the bathroom getting ready to go, doing my hair and makeup. I have the door open and just the 2 of us are here. She stands in the door way and starts talking to me about her favorite color of ceilings. Our bathroom is blue and white. I am about half way done painting the ceiling white b/c we are redecorating it. I am listening with interest. She then starts whinning about it, she gets louder and louder that she doesn’t want a white ceiling, she likes it blue. She finally is yelling about it. I deal with the situation, but I am trying to get her to understand that it is not ok for her to start an arguement with me about the color of a ceiling!!


~ by doulangel on May 16, 2007.

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