happy may day!

the doula chronicles…

not a whole lot new to report. am looking forward to studying tomorrow night. i was fretting today at how august seems to be upon me and i am not as far along as i’d like to be. …. however, i did get 2 new books-thanx to a gift card i’ve been holding unto for just the right things, since june. i finally decided to spend it and i am thrilled with what i found. I bought ina mays guide to childbrith. ina may is the most revered midwife out there. i am looking forward to diving into it. i’ve read alot of excerts and articles of hers, and have read much about her. i also bought adventures in natural childbirth-tales from women on the joys, fears, pleasures and pains of giving birth naturally. should be great. aside from reading babycatcher, i havent’ actually read that many natural birth stories so i am hoping to really enjoy this book.

as for soccer- we are having an issue. i don’t want to say too much, but feel like we’re in a really tough spot. i want to rush in like a mamma bear, but my cub is with out even knowing it, telling me to leave it alone, he can handle himself and doesn’t really even know what has happened. he just wants to play soccer. he is doing a great job of it, gets along great with his team….they won their 1st game last week. it’s funny, i’ve been listening to other moms who’ve been where i’m at on and off for years and even then thought to myself “i have no idea what i would do in that situation” well, guess what? i still don’t!! i actually have a game plan, it’s wait and see….

oh! and finally! this was too funny, i had totally forgotten about the draft being saturday, i get online and start getting emails from my fellow college football cronies (well, the ones that don’t hate Notre Dame) that he hadn’t been drafted yet and all that. i still believe they did him wrong, but am thrilled that he went to cleveland:D

what a cutie!


~ by doulangel on May 2, 2007.

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