and as for my flowers….

I’m happy to report that most of my flowers survived the freezing we had last week. I believe I might have lost one of my miniature rose bushes, I am still not sure if it will survive or not. It is looking quite pitiful. But all in all I am satisfied. I thought I had lost my lilies, which are of course my favorites. (hmm, i wonder why??) But I think all they ended up with are some dead greenage. I believe their stalks will come up.

Not much new on the doula front. I am not at all convinced that I will complete this post mature syndrom leaflet. As I did the fact collecting I was struck with the fear it would give me if I were a new, expecting mamma and picked it up. I think I might go ahead with the different choices in delivering your afterbirth. Much less fear invoking.


~ by doulangel on April 28, 2007.

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