the doula chronicles…

I am at the end of a chapter! Yippy! I told you I get so much more done when I am alone. And here is my assignment: I’m to design a leaflet. Making sure it is informed choice of course, non-gender specific and a few other things. My choices are:
going past your due date,
episiotomy or tearing,
monitoring baby during labor &
delivering your placenta
I am pretty sure I am going to do going past your due date. I might do the placenta though. I find them both very interesting. I feel like I could learn more about Postmature syndrom by making the leaflet on that. But I think placentas are very cool! (i know what some of you are thinking) I’ll letcha know what I go with. I’ve started the due date leaflet, but am still not sure if that’s what I will come out with in the end. Maybe I’ll do them both just for fun! (yes, in all my spare time!)


~ by doulangel on April 19, 2007.

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