Road Trip!!!!

I’m so excited! Ronnie are going on a road trip Friday! I spent part of the morning getting ready for it. Filled up the tank b/c gas typically goes up on Thursday and Friday. And vacuumed it out. We’re going to Kokomo to visit another girl we grew up with. She is a few years older that us, so when she graduated she moved down there for school. Ronnie and I used to hop in the car and go stay the weekends with her. This will probably be our last trip b/c she’s moving south soon. And it was not so easy to arrange as now between the 2 of us we have 5 kids! None the less, babysitters are in place, Hubby is taking care of himself and we’re off!

Also thought I’d let you know that the soccer game was great. He didn’t win, but he did really well and loved it! We froze our noses and other exposed extremeties off!

the doula chronicles…
I am getting into the ins an outs of episiotomies. For those of you with weaker stomachs I’ll leave out the details. But I found the history of it very interesting. I get time alone to do homework tonight and am excited about that. I get so much more accomplished when I’m alone.


~ by doulangel on April 18, 2007.

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